Product designed by Niuulh's Workshop.

  • The PMMA we use is transparent and allows you to see inside and through the block, mading it ideal to set lighting effects and to see components such as you main processor!
LED lighting

In order to add lighting effects and animations, we use digitally addressable LED strips. These are not available with opaque materials such as our black POM!

Custom engraving

If you select this option, you will need to send us what you want to see engraved on your product through the contact page! A discussion will be opened to ensure your engraving is accurately placed. When we'll have the necessary informations, we will send you a preview to show you where and how the engraving will be displayed on the product. You can send us:

  • Pictures — we highly recommend that you use scalable vector images such as SVG files ;
  • Text — we will need you to provide font files. You can find lots of free fonts on Google Fonts ;
  • Both — in which case you will have to provide all of the above.
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